Our Story

Superior Gas Service Inc was founded in June 1956 by Clarence Mitten Sr., Herman Kaufman, Donald Tremelling, Henry Maurer, and Clarence Mitten Jr. Our first bulk delivery truck was a 1955 Dodge.

The manager, Willard Anderson, had little competition at the time, so with the help of some of the heating companies and appliance dealers the company grew. Many people were converting from fuel oil to propane at this time.

Over the years the stock of Superior Gas Service Inc has been passed down from generation to generation. The Mitten family has had 4 generations on our board of directors to date. The family owned business still has the same values and practices as we did in 1956. Our once small business has turned into the largest locally owned and operated propane dealer in our area.

We service over 2500 customers and we are still growing because of the close ties with the local heating contractors, appliance dealers, and builders.

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We offer 24 hour emergency delivery – if problems do arise, and sometimes they do, rest assured our trained service staff is available to assist you.